Traditional, Independent, and Online Study

Is a regular school not suited to your child's needs? Is your child unable to attend school on a regular basis due to work or other factors? Would you like to find a school that offers traditional, independent, and online study, so you can design a program that works best for your family? If you said yes to any of these questions, then search no further because you have discovered the perfect place for you. At Routenstein Royal Academy, we understand that not all children are the same, so we offer a full range of challenging subjects that can be used to design the program that best speaks to your child.


Our courses follow the standards set by the State of California, so you can rest easy knowing that your child is receiving the highest quality education. We recommend that you stop by our West Hollywood, CA location to meet us in person and receive a tour of the facility. We teach students from the greater vicinity, such as Van Nuys, CA, Sherman Oaks, and Santa Monica.

Routenstein Royal Academy is the place to enroll when you want rigorous studies for your child, combined with etiquette lessons to prepare them for the world. We are eco-friendly and offer after-school programs where your child can continue to learn. Some of our subjects include the history of the United States, astronomy, foreign languages, chemistry, and geography, which ensures that your child has a well-rounded education. You are going to be pleased with the progress your child makes at Routenstein Royal Academy.

You want a school that offers traditional, independent, and online study, and that is what we have at Routenstein Royal Academy. See for yourself by visiting us; we are a short drive from Van Nuys, Culver City, Beverly Hills, and other nearby cities. Stop by and see us today.