Full Time Work and Entertainment and Athletics

Your child is talented and smart but doesn't fit into the traditional high school environment. You are searching for a place where your child has access to a full school curriculum but can also take part in full-time work and entertainment and athletics. You want this school to be staffed with teachers who offer accelerated coursework that challenges your child to think. At Routenstein Royal Academy, we are one of the best school programs in the area, and we want to show you how we can give your child a broad education that makes them ready to make a difference in the 21st-century world. We have a campus in West Hollywood, CA, which is easily reached from greater Los Angeles County, such as Culver City, CA, Glendale, and Malibu.

At Routenstein Royal Academy, we understand the needs of students who act, and we know that the traditional school schedule is not always the best option for their needs. We have a rigorous course schedule that will get them ready to graduate high school early, so they can move on to work or college. We have an environmentally friendly building that is sustainable and uses resources efficiently, so your students learn how to care for the world around them. We take pride in our work and always give our students the highest priority. You will be amazed at how early your child finishes high school when they study with us at Routenstein Royal Academy.

If you have a student that needs to be involved in full-time work and entertainment and athletics, then we encourage you to check us out at Routenstein Royal Academy. We are at 3319 Barham Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA, and are easily accessible from Culver City, Beverly Hills, Burbank, and other nearby communities. Find out what we can do for you and your child today.