Full Time College at Any Age

Is your child ready to start college, but is younger than the average students? Are you searching for a school that can prepare your children to finish high school earlier so they can move on to college? Do you want a school that understands that students can attend full-time college at any age? If this sounds like what you need, then today is your lucky day because we are the school that can help your family best.


We are Routenstein Royal Academy and we have been providing students since 2007 with the opportunity to take part in courses that prepare them for the CHSPE as early as age 12. Families turn to us to help them prepare their children for colleges as soon as possible, and we meet that challenge every day. Contact us today to learn more about what we can offer your child. We operate our classes in West Hollywood, CA, so we can teach any student who joins us from Pasadena, CA, Sherman Oaks, Malibu, and the greater area.

Routenstein Royal Academy is run by Principal Alla Matusov, who founded the school as a place of learning for bright students who want to receive college prep work as soon as possible. Students learn traditional academic subjects such as physics, English, history of the world, and biology, plus ethics, chess, jazz music, and more. This results in a well-rounded person ready to take on the world. We love what we do, and love seeing how often our students succeed at Routenstein Royal Academy.

When you want your child to be able to attend full-time college at any age, contact the school that can best train them how. That school for you is Routenstein Royal Academy. We are ready to accept any student who can benefit from our training, whether they are in Pasadena, Beverly Hills, Glendale, Van Nuys, or the surrounding metro area. Visit today!